Not all funeral plans are the same – check before you hand over your money

Funeral costs have been rising at a rate faster than both inflation and savings in recent years. In the last seven years alone, funeral costs have risen by almost £1,500 and if they continue to increase at the current rate of 6.33pc, they could reach more than £6,100 by 2023.* Prepaying your funeral to help save money does make sense, but which provider do you trust to take care of your funeral?

How to choose a funeral plan that’s right for you

If you’re trying to compare funeral plan providers, it can be confusing. Most people don’t have much experience of funerals so don’t know what questions to ask to make sure they’re getting the best product for them.

If you’re feeling bewildered by all the choices, it can be tempting to make a quick decision based on the face value and price. But taking a little time to ask some key questions can help save hundreds of pounds when the plan is needed.

For a cremation funeral, look for a plan that guarantees to cover both the funeral director’s costs and the cremation fee and minister’s fees, which are commonly called third-party costs. Dignity guarantees to cover this but not all providers do. Most will include your funeral director services but some providers just provide a contribution towards cremation and third-party costs, leaving your loved ones exposed to additional costs in the future.

Source: Daily Telegraph